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Is this the same Diamondback Rods that produced fly and conventional rods, as well as blanks from the 1980’s on?

Yes, and no. We are "Diamondback Rod Co.", but we are a totally new company and have no relationship to the “old Diamondback Rod Co.”  We do not carry any of the older Diamondback products prior to 2014 (Examples: Classic Trout, VSR, Backwater, etc.) All rods we release will be new products. We are continuing Diamondback’s rich tradition of customer service, rod design and innovation, and world famous reputation. If you have further questions regarding our transition and older vs. newer rods, please contact us


What if I have a Diamondback rod that is in need of a repair, but isn’t a part of your current inventory?

If you’re the original owner of the rod, please contact us and we will inform you of what can be done to get you back on the water with a Diamondback rod. If you decide to proceed with your repair, you will need to send in the entire rod (including broken sections) to:

Diamondback Rod Co.
6075 East Molloy Road Suite 7
Syracuse, NY 13211. USA.

Broken rods will not be returned.

What happens if I have a current rod that needs to be repaired?

If you have a current rod that is need of repair, please refer to the WARRANTY section or RETURNS section of the site.  All new Diamondback rods (manufactured 2015 and after) must be registered prior to warranty work being completed. All rods come with a warranty registration card to be filled out and returned. Warranty Registration forms are also available on the website under the WARRANTY section.  For your warranty work to be completed you will also need to complete and send back the WARRANTY SERVICE FORMwith your broken rod. There is a $25.00 shipping and handling fee for all returned rods. Failure to return the WARRANTY SERVICE FORM and payment could delay the warranty process.

All new Diamondback rods (manufactured 2015 or later) carry a “Lifetime - Original Owner Warranty” against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship. Diamondback will, at their option, repair or replace any Diamondback rod which is found to be defective.  The original purchaser must register their rod with Diamondback within 30 days of the purchase date. Rods must be registered prior to warranty claims to avoid additional charges. This warranty does not cover lost sections, lost rods or intentional breakage.  Diamondback reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any Diamondback rod covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models when necessary. Colors and components may vary between original and replacement parts.

Checklist prior to returning your rod for warranty. Did I:

  • Register my rod?
  • Print and complete the WARRANTY SERVICE FORM?
  • Include payment for return shipping and handling?
  • Include all sections (and broken sections) of the rod?

What is the difference between your rod series?

The main difference between our rod series is the material used to build them. We vary our material and manufacturing processes used in each rod to give us different rod actions, and some rod actions are more desirable for different types of fishing.  For example, we wouldn’t want a slow action glass rod for a streamer rod where rods are generally stiffer throughout their construction.

We have selections of rods that offer different actions, applications, and price.  Moving forward with whatever you’re comfortable with will make sure that you have the best experience with a Diamondback rod.  We’re here to help you along the way in making your decision….call us, e-mail us. We’ll answer any question you have!


My rod is stuck together. How do I get it apart?

Try placing the rod behind your knees, grabbing the rod above the ferrule with one hand and below with the other. While squatting with your feet shoulder width apart, try to keep your arms in the same position while your knees naturally separate your arms. DO NOT TWIST, as this can damage the rod.

Another method that is commonly used is with two people. If two people grab the rod, both above and below the ferrule, and pull in opposite directions, the rod will likely come apart. Make sure you have a good grip and you are not putting pressure on any of the guides.  Remember not to twist the rod when pulling it apart.

If it is extremely hot outside and the rod pieces have become stuck together, allowing an ice pack to sit on the ferrule will help ease out the rod sections.


What line should I put on my Diamondback Rod?

Fly Rods
Our rods are designed to cast lines that are true to AFFTA standards and that is what we recommend.  For example, if you have a 5wt rod, we recommend a 5wt line.  With each angler having their own preference of overlining or underlining their rod and each company making lines that are longer than 30’ where there are no standards, it is best to use lines that you have had success with in the past and are comfortable casting. If you overline or underline your rod, expect a change in performance from the rod.

Conventional Rods
Try to match the line weight recommendation as close as you can. The rods are designed to perform best within that line range. Anything over that line weight may put too much stress on the rod causing it or some of its components to break, while anything below that range may cause the rod to decline in performance.

I live outside of the U.S. How can I order a Diamondback product?

Please contact us by submitting a form or give us a call at our office.

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