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  1. "A Die-hard Trout Angler’s Dream Rod" Designed specifically for accurate casts, subtle mends, and that perfect blend of power and finesse, we have totally tricked out this fishing stick. Learn More
  2. A tailing bone coming right into play, sight fishing to cruising tarpon, a striper blitz dead ahead…situations like these are exactly what the Flex Saltwater is designed for. Designed and built using Diamondback’s “Diverse Modulus Design” (DMD). A unique application incorporating two different pre-impregnated composite fibers into the rod construction. The result is a finely tuned and balanced rod with refined stiffness, strength and recovery speed. High performance, versatile rods that excel in any saltwater application. Medium-fast action with sensitive tips creates smooth effortless casts at all distances. Backbone for distance casting, battling determined fish and overcoming windswept conditions. True line weight designs Learn More
  3. The rising trout a foot off the far bank, the striper blitz dead ahead, the tailing bone coming right into play…situations like these are what the Diamondback Flex is designed for.
    These 4 piece, Medium Fast action rods produce smooth effortless casts while being capable of maximum performance when battling a determined fish, overcoming windswept casting conditions and surviving unexpected punishment from endless fishing trips. A must have rod whether you’re a seasoned angler or taking up fly fishing for the first time.
    We designed each rod in the series to meet specific angling challenges while utilizing our Diverse Modulus Design (DMD). This unique engineering application is the combination of a variety of pre-impregnated composite fibers to finely tune and balance the rod. Taking the blank construction to exacting measures, refining stiffness, overall blank strength and speed of recovery in specific sections of the rod. While maintaining our focus on quality, simplicity and innovation.
    Flex rods feature a cool titanium painted blank with matching wraps and silver trim, while each ferrule has distinct diamond shaped alignment marks. Fitted with thin diameter stainless hard chrome snake guides with hialoy insert stripping guides. The distinct diamond cut aluminum reel seat and Diamondback branded high quality cork grip finishes the package. All Flex rods come in a Diamondback embroidered heavy duty cloth bag and a cordura rod tube.

    Learn More
  4. Looking for the calm solitude of a small stream, maybe the challenge of that confined location with thick cover or just the soft and forgiving casting stroke and sensitivity that you have been missing? The Diamondback Meeker is the perfect rod to bring balance to your soul. Constructed from super strong E-glass prepreg and designed with tapers that create a crisp soft action and smooth recovery. The slow actions of the Meeker allow for the most delicate presentations and ultimate sensitivity when targeting a variety of species. Supple and accurate for the perfect dry fly presentation yet with enough backbone to cast small wet flies and nymphs. The Diamondback Meeker features a mirror gloss black finish with deep red wraps and trim. Each ferrule has a distinct diamond shaped alignment marks. Fitted with hard chrome snake guides with hialoy insert stripping guides. The reel seat features up locking dark chrome aluminum fittings with Diamondback branded burled hardwood spacer and high quality grip. All Meeker rods come in a heavy duty Diamondback embroidered rod bag and a distinct fiberglass rod tube. Learn More
  5. Your mind is racing, constantly thinking about scenarios on how you will justify that new rod purchase.
    You work hard all week, but the burden of overspending is weighing heavily on your conscience. No need to worry any longer, the Diamondback VIEW is the perfect rod to satisfy your desire for a high quality rod that will still leave some money in your pocket to pay the bills. Learn More
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