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Diamondback Rod Co. Warranty



Thank you for your interest in Diamondback Rod Company (“Diamondback”) products. Diamondback takes great pride in its use of superior materials, its fine craftsmanship, and its outstanding customer service.


Diamondback products needing repairs or replacement are divided into two warranty categories: New Products and Heritage Products.


New Products” consist of Diamondback Rod Company products that were manufactured and sold by Diamondback on or after July 25, 2014. “Covered Products” are New Products that (i) have suffered an issue or defect arising from normal and customary use and maintenance by the original owner within TEN  years of the original purchase date (the “Warranty Period”); and (ii)  such issue or defect was reported to Diamondback during the Warranty Period.


Covered Products will be fully covered until the THIRD anniversary of the original purchase date (“Fully Covered Products”). Fully Covered Products will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer (aside from shipping and handling fees of $45.00)  (“Full Three Year Coverage”). Diamondback, retains the right to exercise its sole discretion in deciding whether to repair or replace the Fully Covered Product.


After the THIRD anniversary of the original purchase date and before the TENTH anniversary of the original purchase date,  Covered Products shall be under limited warranty coverage (“Limited Warranty Products”). Diamondback, reserves the right, with respect to the Limited Warranty Products, to refuse repairs and instead offer up to 50% discount towards the purchase of the same or comparable products at its sole discretion (“Limited Additional Seven Year Coverage”).


If you have a Covered Product that needs repair or replacement, please contact Diamondback’s customer service number, or please email your request to Diamondback and include the following information: (a) proof of original purchase and purchase date; (b) picture of the damage; and (c) circumstances under which the damage occurred.


Heritage Products” consist of products that were sold under the Diamondback brand name prior to July 25, 2014.  Diamondback is under no formal obligation to repair or replace these Products.  Diamondback, however, out of the utmost good faith, will provide Heritage Products customers with a $100.00 credit towards the purchase of any new Diamondback product that is priced at $200.00 or more.


In order for a Heritage Product customer to receive his or her $100.00 credit, please email the following information to Diamondback: (a) proof of purchase and purchase date; (c) picture of damage; and (c) circumstances under which damage occurred.


Diamondback extends no other warranty nor accepts any other responsibility for its products, except as listed herein with respect to Covered Products and Heritage Products.




The Diamondback Team


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